Factory owners are always searching for the best fright service

In general a factory is producing many goods. Factory even undertakes the orders to produce and make delivery at the right time. Once the completion of the work the factory manager is looking for the right fright company to load the goods, the fright company is charging more means, he is searching the next one. However, he would be able to find the best truck load boards by asking with the brokers. The brokers for the fright companies are well aware about the best fright service. Of course the best service would be charging more money to deliver the goods, in case the delivery is not taken by the customer, even the demurrage charge would be added by the fright company. The reason is they need more space to have the goods in their go down. In case, the goods are not disposed and the space is occupied by a customer this is very big problem to them, the fright company cannot entertain any other company, because there is no space with the fright company.

At the same time, a customer is finding space to stock the goods. This is the reason he is not taking the delivery of the goods on time. This is also pity position of the owner. However, the fright company would be charging the demurrage charge without fail. In case the factory regularly using the fright company, the fright company would be placing the goods one or two weeks with them without any charge.


The fright company and the factory needs more space, in case the factory has only little space, the goods would be stored at a place until the product goes to the fright company. The same way the fright company, allots space to receive the goods from the factory, the reason is the fright company has to schedule the vehicle based on the capacity of the goods. In case the goods are little tones capacity that goods would be carried through the right van. In case the goods are with heavy tones, the fright company must have to arrange big carrier vehicles to take the goods to from factory to the destination. However, the business would be smooth once the party is agreed to send the goods only with the same fright company and in long term basis. The agreement is made for the long term contract in between the factory and the fright company.

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